Salerno y Asociados is a firm that is born from the concern of being able to offer, in the energy sector, advisory and consulting services highly specialized both in the legal field and in business and that these are available to all. 

Thanks to the experience of its team, the firm has developed the ability to advise and accompany its clients in the development of any energy project from its inception to its implementation. Thanks to its different areas of expertise (legal, business, infrastructure and training) the team has developed the ability to solve and solve synergistically and dynamically all the needs and concerns raised by customers, which has allowed Salerno and Associates stand out in the energy sector over the last few years.

 The added value that Salerno y Asociados has and that allows it to guarantee maximum excellence and expertise in its work, is its deep knowledge of the structure and functioning of the entire value chain of the energy sector. The main objective of the firm is to work with and for clients based on fundamental values ​​such as honesty, professionalism, commitment, transparency, loyalty and above all a deep cognocitive domain of the subjects in which the clients are advised. 

 México City

Paseo de la Reforma, No. 300, Level 5, Juaréz, Cuauhtémoc,06600 - México CityTel. +52 55 1209 7290


Calzada del Valle, No. 400, Penthouse 1, Building 3, Del Valle, San Pedro Garza García, 66220 - Nuevo LeónTel. +52 81 1932 5552