A fundamental element to be competitive in the energy sector post reform in training.

At Salerno y Asociados we offer different options, both to the public and private sectors, depending on the clients' requirements and the level of specialization they require.

So we offer courses, specialized seminars or conferences on specific and current topics so that performance and knowledge is always the most current and advanced.

The training courses are designed for those professionals who want to understand the operation of the energy sector after its reform.

Among others, they stand out:

  • Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market: regulation and operation (40 hours).
  • Renewable energies and climate change (20 hours).
  • Structuring and operation of the new Mexican electricity sector (20 hours).
  • Structuring and operation of the new Mexican gas sector (20 hours).
  • Structuring and operation of the new Mexican hydrocarbon sector (20 hours).

The specialized seminars, which last five hours each, are aimed at companies that already have knowledge in the field and that want to deepen and discuss new figures or market regulations..

Any company can ask Salerno y Asociados to give a seminar on a specific topic proposed by them according to their needs. They stand out, among others, these:

  • Distributed generation;
  • Clean Energy Certificates;
  • Clearing house;
  • Electric auctions;
  • Transmission Financial Rights;
  • Potency Market;
  • Isolated Supply;
  • Oil Tenders;
  • Marketing of gas molecule;
  • Oil contracts.

The presentations given by the experts of Salerno y Asociados are usually in specialized forums and have the purpose of sharing, together with other speakers, reflections and knowledge about the energy sector.

The conferences usually have a more basic approach and aimed at the general public that wants to approach this sector. In this way, topics are addressed, such as efficiency and energy saving, that allow participants to have a vision of them to understand what the first steps are to be part of these sectors.